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If you are looking to maximize your development as a player, look no further... We will help you to develop and maximize all aspects of the tennis game - technical, strategies, tactics, psychological, and physical/athletic - with the intent of developing the skills needed to help each student reach their full potential as a player.

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Our philosophy is to help players achieve a balance in their tennis training. By limiting the numbers in our tennis lessons, we are able to personalize each player's program of training to maximize successful outcomes. Whether you train with us for a few hours or a full week, you will join a special environment on helping you realize your personal goals.

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The vision is to pass on to future champions the same knowledge, passion and competitive spirit that drove many tennis players to live their tennis dreams. By combining the experience of all of our coaches, cutting-edge training methods and premier facilities the is able to offer unrivaled programs for players of all ages and abilities.


Private Lessons


We offer private tennis lessons for players of all ages and abilities. Tennis lessons are 60 mins each.Read More

Tennis Camps


Our tennis camps are great for serious to recreational players looking to improve their game. Read More

Tennis Holidays


We offer tailor-made tennis holiday packages in the luxurious beach resort of Pattaya.Read More

Tennis Tournaments

ITF Seniors Open Pattaya

In cooperation with Pattaya Tennis Inter Club we are organizing ITF Seniors Event at Pattaya. We has been granted with Grade 4, as a third year of ITF Seniors Tournament at Pattaya. We hope that we will build strong event for many many years. Every tennis player is welcome! Tournament will be held in beautiful newly built tennis club near Pattaya, just 15 minutes driving from city center.

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ORDER OF PLAY - check every day after 18.00!

For information please contact tournament referee on +66 874 983859 

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And in other news
  • Men's OPEN SINGLES +35, +40, +45, +50, +55, +60, +65, +70
  • Woman's OPEN SINGLES +35, +40
  • Men's OPEN DOUBLES +35, +40, +45, +50, +60, +65, +70
  • Woman's OPEN DOUBLES +35, +40, +45, +50
  • OPEN MIX DOUBLES +35, +40, +45, +50


The coaching team consists of coaches with an extensive knowledge of the game from junior beginners to performance tennis at county level and above.


We are proud to offer the utmost modern facilities in Pattaya, equipped to provide intensive and thorough tennis training in a convenient environment.

Tennis Tournaments

Whether you are looking to host a large event, a small group of business outing for the day, we will tailor any event to be precisely the occasion you want.

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Tennis Tip of The Week

Short instructional articles on improving your tennis game by Pattaya-Tennis.comRead More


Best tennis facilities in Pattaya

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